Sealing the Vacuum for 25% less…

PrimaVac Vacuum Packers part of FEM’s 25% discount on Hamilton Beach Commercial products

FEM’s PrimaVac vacuum packers offer chefs a wide variety of options and can handle a big range of food sizes – and now they are available with a 25% discount off the price, for a limited period.

The PrimaVac range is made by Hamilton Beach Commercial.  Vacuum sealing is essential for chefs who want to sous vide their menu items.  However, the PrimaVac units also allow chefs to vacuum seal food for tasks such as marinating and storage – including in the freezer.  The heat seal closing system ensures that 99% of air is evacuated and keeps contents in a sterile, hygienic environment – so even if stored in the fridge, the food can keep for weeks at a time.  Meanwhile the PrimaVac pouch selection, which is BPA-free, comes in a range of sizes and a choice of 3mm or 4mm thickness – so they are suited for all types of food, wet, dry or bone-in.

The PrimaVac has a sealing pump featuring an adjustable ‘soft air’ function, so even delicate foods are protected during the sealing process.  The largest of the three models in the range, the HVC406, also offers the option of gas flushing, whereby an inert gas can be introduced into the pouch after the air has been sucked out, to provide a cushion for delicate produce such as baked goods or leafy vegetables.

The PrimaVac models are made from a durable stainless-steel housing.  Both the heat seal bar and the filler plate are removable, and the control panel can be wiped clean, making the units easy to keep hygienic.

The PrimaVac’s clear lid means chefs can monitor the vacuum process as it happens. Each model is suitable for a wide variety of batch sizes as the removable filler plate lifts out to provide room for bulky food. The PrimaVac’s controls allow chefs to select the perfect vacuum, sealing, cooling and soft air times for different food items, while the 10 different programs deliver consistent quality results at the touch of a button.

Chefs can take advantage of FEM’s 25% discount on selected Hamilton Beach Commercial products, including the PrimaVac range, until 31 December 2019, while stocks last. For example, the smallest model in the range, the PrimaVac 254, has a list price of £2,170, which is down to just £1,627.50 with the discount.  The 254 measures 337mm wide by 456mm deep and 377mm high.  Its maximum pouch size is 254mm x 330mm.