Heating inside or outside the box

Cambro introduces the Cam GoHeat Warming Tray

Cambro’s GoBoxes are already a popular option for holding hot food in general catering, take-out and kerbside pick-up or delivery applications. Now Cambro has introduced the lightweight Cam GoHeat Warming Tray to fit into the GoBoxes to keep food extra hot. The trays can also be used on a table or countertop to safely hold or display food without hot water baths or other heat sources.

The warming trays can be plugged into a standard 13A socket and warm to 75˚C in 10 minutes. There are even models especially designed for those on the move or at outside events, that can use a 12V vehicle socket. The large, heated surface fits GN 1/1 food pans and a wide variety of takeaway containers. Available in a metallic silver colour, the trays look equally smart inside or outside the box.

CamBoxes are a strong, light and budget friendly transport solution made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) construction.  They protect the quality and safety of hot or cold foods while they are transported or stored and lighten the load for employees. The GoHeat trays fit in the bottom of top-loading and front-loading Cam GoBoxes that feature a notch between the body and lid or door for the power lead.