F for Flexibility

FEM launches new, more flexible Vector multi cook ovens

FEM has launched the new Vector F-Series multi cook oven into the UK market.  Manufactured in the USA by Alto-Shaam, the Vector F-Series builds on the success of the original Vector, which was launched in 2017.

Like the original version, it features up to four separate oven chambers in one compact unit.  However, the new F-Series offers an even more flexible cooking solution, with a wider body and the ability to combine chambers to cook taller items.  Its speed and flexibility means it can cook twice as fast as a standard oven, so it can save space by replacing two conventional ovens of the same size.  The F-Series is available in two models, a three-chamber (model VMC-F3E) and a four-chamber (VMC-F4E).  Both accept GN 2/1 or GN 1/1 pans – the larger four-chamber model can take up to four GN 2/1 or 8 GN 1/1 pans.

Each of the Vector’s chambers is entirely independently controlled, with its own time, temperature and fan settings.  There is no possibility of flavour transfer between the chambers, so it’s ideal for cooking special diets such as vegan food at the same time as other food.  It’s quick, too, with a special new airflow technology that delivers faster, more even cooking, while the fact that it needs no water connection, means it can be placed anywhere.

One limitation of the original Vector was that individual chambers might not fit taller items, such as big joints or large poultry and game birds.  With the F Series, staff can take out one of the dividers, making a double-size chamber that can easily accommodate these larger items.  An optional core temperature probe is available to ensure absolutely precise cooking results.

The Vector F-Series are super-fast ovens, thanks to their Structured Air Technology feature.  This innovative design delivers a high velocity, vertical airflow from the bottom and top of each chamber.  It produces completely even temperature control, throughout each chamber, and faster cooking results – with no need to rotate pans or monitor cooking.  The vertical airflow has the added benefit that when the door is opened, very little heat escapes.

The three-chamber VMC-F3E measures 1036mm wide by 1078mm deep and 820mm high, while the VMC-F4E is 1036mm by 1078mm by 998mm.  For kitchens wanting maximum capacity, FEM offers the option of stacked configurations, where two three-chamber models, or one three-chamber and one four-chamber, can be stacked.

FEM runs a series of Vector Live demonstrations in venues across the UK, where customers can come and experience the radical technology for themselves.  The demonstrations are led by FEM’s highly experienced corporate development chef, Alan Evans.  Vector Live is free to attend but numbers are limited.  To find out more and book places contact FEM.