A vibrant, welcoming school “where my child can thrive and do well”

Ofsted praises Norfolk primary school’s ‘inquisitive learners’ and ‘strong nurturing and caring culture’

Aldborough Primary School in North Norfolk has just had an Ofsted inspection during which it was praised for its standards of teaching and the rich curriculum it encourages.  The inspection reported that the school “continues to be good,” praising the changes that had been made to maintain and improve its high standards.

Ofsted described the school as ‘vibrant’, with a ‘strong nurturing and caring culture,’ adding that all teaching staff know every pupil very well and concentrate on ensuring that their individual academic, social and emotional needs are met. “Consequently, pupils make good progress,” the inspector said, adding that one parent had commented, “This is a school where my child can thrive and do well.”

Ofsted noted what it called the school’s ‘wonderful woodland setting,’ praising the way the school is ‘determined to make the most of the opportunities this opens up for pupils.’  The inspector added, “Outdoor learning is encouraged. I saw learning outside where, in a drama session, pupils turned themselves into a variety of tree shapes, while pupils involved in a mathematical investigation estimated measurements with liquids.”

The inspector praised the classrooms’ ‘purposeful atmosphere’, where ‘pupils are inquisitive learners.’  The school is committed to providing a rich curriculum, and the inspector found pupils spoke ‘enthusiastically’ about the wide range of learning different opportunities provided, including sport, music, languages, art and drama. “They also told me about the ‘science, art and writing week’,” said the inspector.  “It gave them the opportunity to learn about the sea, through science-based exploration recorded in art and writing.”

Reading has been a strength of the school for some time.  In 2016 it received a letter from the then Minister of State for School Standards, Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, congratulating staff and pupils on their standard of reading, which put them in the top 1% of schools nationally.  The Ofsted report speaks of the pupils’ love of reading and their ability to hold well-developed discussions about areas such as characterisation and genre.

“Obviously we are delighted by the great things Ofsted has to say about our school,” says Alison Read, Head Teacher.  “We are working collaboratively to implement the report’s recommendations, enhancing the learning opportunities already provided by our talented team.

“The success of a school like Aldborough is all about community and team spirit – I’m so delighted that the Ofsted report highlights the hard work of pupils and staff and the fantastic support we receive from parents, governors, and the wider community.”

Anyone interested in finding out more should call the office (during school hours) on 01263 761264 or email: office@aldborough.norfolk.sch.uk.  The school’s website is at www.aldborough.norfolk.sch.uk

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