Allergens advice – and the kitchen kit you need

Parsley in Time issues allergens brochure packed with ideas to help prevent cross contamination

Getting your allergens strategy right is absolutely vital for your customers’ safety.  Now tableware and light equipment specialist Parsley in Time has published an allergens brochure.  It includes guidance and lists the wide variety of smallwares, cookware and prep equipment available to help caterers prevent cross contamination.

As the brochure points out, there are over 170 foodstuffs that can cause a reaction, and over 17 million people in Europe suffer from food allergies.  Listing the top fourteen food allergens, the brochure also notes that a staggering 44% of British adults suffer from at least one allergy – and the number is on the rise.

Broadly speaking the brochure divides the products available into four key areas: food storage, food prep, cooking and serving.  It’s important to make it as simple as possible for kitchen staff to know they are using allergen-free equipment, which is why all Parsley in Time’s suggested products for use with allergens are colour coded purple, so they are easily distinguished from other tools, preventing cross contamination.  Thus storage containers have bright purple lids, measuring jugs have purple markings, utensils and frying pans have purple handles and serving bowls have purple exteriors.

The products in the brochure are all manufactured by leading American and European brands, including Cambro, Pujadas, San Jamar and Vollrath.

“We’ve tried to cover every area, to give caterers the fullest possible choice and protection,” says Rob Blunderfield, Parsley in Time’s marketing manager.  “So as well as the expected products, such as storage pans and cutting boards, there are purple thermometers, purple gloves, purple ladles, and so on.  There are even purple prep station matts, printed with useful allergen information, that can be used to designate a safe prep area.”