Racking up those snacks

Cambro’s Camshelving Flex Station: The ultimate grab and go solution for schools

There’s a great push on healthy eating, a growing recognition that offering fresh and nutritious grab and go options in schools is a way to boost academic performance while generating revenue. Cambro’s Camshelving Flex Station offers an incredible versatile serving station to get those snacks to the children.

The Flex Station is a mobile display rack. It’s lightweight and easy to set up or move around through hallways. It’s ideal for offering quick-style snacks and meals on the go such as fresh fruits and vegetables or cold juice, smoothies and sandwiches. The Camshelving Flex Station is an economical option for schools interested in offering grab and go.

It’s easy to customise the Flex Station with optional Camwear food boxes or food pans to display specific menu items and it’s equally easy to reconfigure when the menu changes. The Camwear food storage boxes are shatterproof and durable. The clear boxes allow for content visibility while the option of black GN pans provides a modern, stylish alternative.

Both are ideal for serving bulk fruits and vegetables during the day and keeping them fresh in a fridge or freezer overnight. Camchiller freezer packs can be placed at the bottom of the storage boxes to prolong cold holding time and keep temperature sensitive items cool for hours.

Optional graphic displays can be attached to the top and side panels. One side panel includes a pocket to hold menu or other information at eye level. Easy to install and clean, the graphic displays are made of durable material to withstand years of use.

The Flex Station is an extension of Cambro’s Camshelving line of shelving solutions designed for foodservice industry freezers, cold rooms, dry storage or warewashing areas. The company is redefining shelving with its range of shelving solutions made from exceptionally strong material that is easy to clean, rust resistant and doesn’t bend or warp.

All Cambro Camshelving solutions are backed by a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion on posts and traverses.