Can’t see the wood for the trays?

It looks and feels like wood, and Cambro’s new tray is durable, practical and dishwash safe

Cambro has extended its choice of foodservice trays with the launch of the Century Wood Grain range in five different finishes.  The new trays combine the authentic look and feel of wood with long lasting durability, thanks to their high performance polyester construction.  Critically, they are break-resistant and dishwash safe, making them ideal for any operator looking for a long lasting, stylish tray, even for intensive use sites.

The great thing about traditional wooden trays is their look and feel – it’s why they’re so enduringly popular.  However, they are not dishwash safe and are prone to damage and warping, especially in busy sites.  On the other hand, conventional wood-finishes in materials such as plastic or melamine tend to look and feel cheap.  With the new Century Wood Grain Trays, Cambro has managed to create the perfect solution – a really tough, completely dishwash safe polyester tray with the texture of wood grain and a beautiful matt wood finish.

The trays are scratch, shock, stain and chemical resistant and their tough construction means they can handle the knocks of the busiest environment.  Reinforced corners provide extra protection from impact.  The trays can handle a wide range of temperatures, from -40°C to +90°C, they can be washed as often as needed and are dishwasher safe.  Their drying lugs means they can be stacked straight from washing, without fear of water pooling.

A clever design makes them more comfortable for the user, with low profile corners allowing diners to rest their arms on them while eating.  This design also maximises the usable surface area of the tray.

“Retro, rustic, vintage, distressed, wood…. the new trays tick the boxes of a multitude of design trends,” says Luke Carman, sales manager UK and Ireland for Cambro.  “Plus, they are ultra-practical.  We expect them to be popular across all sectors of the foodservice market.”

The wood options are light oak, brown oak, dark oak, light olive and brown olive.  The textured woodgrain pattern covers the tray from edge to edge, top and bottom, for a real wood look and feel.  All five are available in a choice of sizes, 33 x 43cm and 35.5 x 45.7cm.

Cambro is based in the USA and offers a market-leading range of trays, table service and display items, storage, shelving, merchandising and insulated transport products, as well as innovative warewashing products and meal delivery solutions.  Cambro distributes its product range via dealers across the UK and Ireland.  For more information visit