It’s a great little softie

Taylor UK adds innovative countertop soft serve ice cream maker into the mix

Soft serve ice cream, always a staple of fast food restaurants, has made its way onto the radar of creative chefs looking to add a simple but unique finish to their desserts. It’s softer and less dense than regular ice creams, due to the addition of air during the freezing process, and is perfect for a finishing flourish or a sweet dish in its own right.

Taylor UK has introduced the countertop 736 soft serve ice cream maker, which quickly freezes the ice cream and then holds it at a very low but non-frozen temperature so it’s ready to serve on demand. Now restaurants can easily add soft serve ice cream to their menu. The stylish design and narrow footprint make it ideal for front of house installation.

The 736 machine produces a consistently great product and is fast. An innovative heat treatment system reduces maintenance and cleaning requirements by providing a daily heating and cooling cycle. This means the machine ensures the safety of ice cream production for up to two weeks before a complete disassembly and cleaning is required. Its simple operation makes it perfect for anywhere from cafeterias, convenience stores and coffee shops to high-end dining.

“High street outlets who have added soft serve desserts to their menu have found an increase in the average spend of customers and increased profit margins,” says David Rees, Group Marketing Manager of HTG Trading Ltd, which owns Taylor UK. “By offering something different from their competitors they are getting more customers coming through their doors. Meanwhile fine dining restaurants find soft serve ice cream ups the ante in the artistry of their presentation.”

There are two automatic programs on the 736; one for the production of soft ice cream and the other, of especial interest to those in fine dining restaurants, for the production of sorbet, frozen desserts and natural fruit-based ice cream. With crisp, light tuiles, soft serve ice cream can be a refined version of the classic cone from childhood days.  For a crumble with a difference, soft serve ice cream is a perfect alternative to cream and, for the ultimate sweet dream plate, try soft serve ice cream alongside a chocolate fondant.

LCD controls display the temperatures in the hopper or freezing cylinder and a history of the last 400 heat treatment cycles can also be viewed. Separate hopper refrigeration maintains the mix below 5°C during Auto and Standby modes.

The countertop 736 machine measures 908 mm (h) x 400 mm (w) x 773 mm (d) including 100mm legs for airflow and operates from a 16 amp three-phase socket.