Vector #Veganuary

FEM’s ‘flexitarian’ oven is perfect for quality cooking with no cross contamination

Caterers looking to respond to consumer demand for vegan foods, especially as part of #Veganuary, need to ensure not only that the food quality is excellent but also that there is no cross contamination with animal or dairy product.  FEM says the Vector multi-cook oven, manufactured by Alto-Shaam, provides the ideal solution, since vegan and non-vegan foods can be cooked simultaneously, in the same oven, in individual chambers with no possibility of cross over. The company has launched a series of Vector Live demonstrations that will showcase this ability, as well as cooking up some flavourful and unusual vegan recipes.

“Vector is the only oven that allows simultaneous, high-quality preparation of a wide variety of food, with no cross contamination,” says Mark Hogan, commercial director of FEM.  “Each chamber gives you individual control over temperature, fan speed and cook time. So you can have different foods, in the same oven, at the same time, with absolute safety, all cooked to the highest quality.”

The radical advance that sets the Vector apart is its Structured Air Technology.  This innovation delivers a high velocity, vertical airflow from the bottom and top of each chamber.  It produces completely even temperature control, throughout each chamber, ensuring superior cooking quality while delivering super-fast results.  Meanwhile the Vector’s intuitive touchscreen panel, which can be programmed with pre-set recipes, makes it very easy to use.  When food in any chamber is cooked, staff are alerted with an audio alarm.

The Vector means that chefs who want to branch out and add vegan food to the menu don’t have to worry about separate cooking appliances, or even cooking separately!  When food in any chamber is cooked, staff are alerted with an audio alarm.

The Vector multi cook oven is available in three versions, offering a choice of two, three or four cooking chambers.  All are countertop units built to a compact footprint of just 533mm wide by 993mm deep.  “With the four chamber model, chefs can have a vegan dish in the top chamber, a vegetarian in the second, a fish dish in the third and meat in the fourth,” says Hogan. “That’s what we call true flexitarian cooking!”

For information on the Vector Live demonstration programme, contact FEM direct.