Clean cooking appliances like a professional

Falcon’s how to videos deliver instant, expert, easy to follow training

Cleaning cooking appliances is usually the kitchen brigade’s worst job, so anything that can make it a touch easier is to be welcomed.  The key is to know the best way to tackle each model – and now anyone can follow the professional way to clean a Falcon appliance, by watching a professional do it.  Best of all, they can watch it being done in their own kitchen – thanks to Falcon’s smartphone-friendly ‘how to ‘videos.

Falcon has created a library of the ‘how to’ videos, covering a wide range of popular models, including grills, chargrills, ovens and fryers.  As well as the cleaning videos, there are ones showing how to operate Falcon appliances and giving advice on best practice.  Falcon has also created a series of videos on Lainox combi ovens, ranging from how to edit recipes to running the auto cleaning programme.

“We’ve created the videos with smartphones and tablets in mind – so they can be watched in the kitchen, where the action is,” says Steve Stenhouse, marketing communications manager of Falcon.  “Making sure staff know how to look after equipment properly day-to-day is not only a vital part of keeping it running safely and efficiently, but also for maximising its working life.  These videos deliver instant, expert and easy to follow training.”

The videos are all available on the Falcon Foodservice YouTube channel, or via the manufacturer’s website.