Quick service quality: new Modular Holding Bins enhance food AND flexibility

FEM’s latest launch also maximises installation options and minimises food waste

The latest version of FEM’s Modular Holding Bin brings new levels of flexibility and food safety to the quick service kitchen.  Manufactured by Prince Castle in the USA, which is the preferred supplier of holding bins to ‘the big three’ global quick service brands, McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King, the new bins are designed to hold hot food in prime condition over extended periods.  Now launched in the UK by FEM, the bins provide operators with maximum flexibility in terms of both menu and configuration – their modular system means that, whatever space the kitchen has, they can be put together to deliver maximum capacity.

FEM’s Modular Holding Bins can be used individually, or stacked, or expanded horizontally.  This clever construction means there are plenty of installation options to suit every site.  Bins can be added individually to the setup, as the business changes or grows. They are controlled by a master base, which can handle as many as 25 units – up to five high by up to five across.

The time and temperature setting in each bin can be controlled individually, so that different menu items can be stored in different bins, ensuring the best possible food quality.   Each bin measures 10.28cm wide by 13.76cm deep – there is a choice of two heights, 4.11cm and 2.5cm.

The bins’ large, clear display panel cycles between showing what product is being held (burger, chips, chicken legs, etc.), and how much time is left for it to be held before it needs to be used or discarded.  This ensures a high level of both food quality and food safety.  The system also minimises food waste, since staff can see at a glance how much time is left and use ‘first in, first out’ stock rotation.  At the touch of a button staff can check the temperatures of the bins.  The bins also have self-diagnostics, with error codes shown on the display if there is a problem.

“With the pressure on kitchen space in UK restaurants, the flexibility of configuration of these hot holding bins will be a huge bonus for quick service operators,” says Mark Hogan, commercial director of FEM.