Falcon launches Lainox dealer training courses

Enhanced support for increasingly popular combi oven brand

Sales of Lainox combi ovens are growing in the UK, due on one hand to the quality of the products and, on the other, to the quality of the service and support provided by Falcon, the UK distributor of the brand.  Now Falcon is offering enhanced training courses for dealers, to ensure installation of the models is as smooth as possible.

“Lainox combi ovens are already easy to install but, with the growth in sales, we wanted to ensure that dealers have access to the best possible information and most up to date advice,” says Glenn Wild, who is Falcon’s field service manager.  “The course also covers handover and commissioning, as well as maintaining the equipment.”

Glenn was responsible for both creating the course and delivering it for the first time, in June at First Choice Group’s training suite at the company’s Cannock HQ.  There were seven attendees, from CKS Ltd Blackpool, Archer Catering Systems and N&W Services.

Dan Shorrocks of CKS was one of those on the course.  “The content was excellent,” he says.  “It was a stimulating mix of classroom and practical, hands on experience of the appliances.  It was thorough and interesting, and certainly delivered in terms of making us feel well equipped for our next install.

“We really like the Lainox range – customers find them reliable, simple to use and easy to work with.  The choice of sizes and models, with Naboo, which uses cutting edge technology, and Sapiens, with its hands-on manual controls, gives us all the options.”

“Going forward, we have started running regular courses for our dealers,” adds Glenn. “We’re keen to get as many install and service teams through these as possible. We believe in sharing information and knowledge to make our customers’ lives as easy as possible and the information contained in this course provides practical tips and advice for all kinds of combi installations.”

For information on the Lainox courses, contact Falcon.