Camduction: new solution for hot tray line systems enhances quality, safety and speed

FEM launches clever variation of heated pellet system

Maintaining the quality of the food served to patients on the wards is an ongoing issue for hospital caterers.  Now FEM has launched Camduction, a new idea from USA manufacturer Cambro.  It’s a clever variation of the heated pellet system that offers speed, enhanced staff safety and an eminently practical solution for hot tray line operations.

The Camduction complete heat system uses a charging station that can heat up 20 pellets at a time.  The pellets are housed in special bases that are safe to touch even when fully charged.  A standard 22.9cm (9”) ceramic plate fits into the base over the pellet and the Camduction insulated dome fits over the plate.  The system will keep hot food at safe temperatures of 65°C or more for over 50 minutes.

To charge the pellet, the base is simply slotted into the charging station.  An individual green LED light against each of the station’s 20 base slots comes on when the corresponding pellet is fully charged, which takes around 5 minutes.  The station automatically switches to a heat retention mode after a period of inactivity.  This keeps the bases ready for use but minimises energy consumption.

The Camduction bases and domes are durable, chip resistant and dishwasher safe.  They are available in navy blue or cranberry and have a stylish, contemporary look.  Accessories include an angled drying rack for up to 128 bases.