Hotelympia: Hubbard launches Comenda’s new, feature-packed glasswasher

Latest warewashers deliver hi-line features for a mid-budget price

Stand 2250, Hotelympia 2018, London ExCel, 5-8 March

The latest Comenda glasswasher uses advanced technologies to deliver sparkling results – yet is competitively priced to appeal to the widest possible market.  Hubbard will launch the new product, model number HB35, on stand 2250 at Hotelympia.  The company will also show a selection of Comenda’s other new lines, including undercounter and passthrough warewashers. 

“The HB35 is a brilliant machine, absolutely packed with new features developed by Comenda,” says Jonathan Mellor, Comenda technical sales manager for Hubbard Systems.  “A lot of the technologies, such as multiple filtering and the optional built-in reverse osmosis (RO), are usually found in top-end machines, but this is very much priced for the mid-budget market.

“Sparkling results is what the operator wants.  The HB35 has a new rinse arm configuration that ensures every glass is thoroughly cleaned.”  The new rinse arm is part of Comenda’s WRIS2+ Wash and Rinse Integrated System, which reduces water, energy and chemical consumption by 25% while still delivering a thorough, consistent clean.  The double water blade design boosts contact time and leaves no blind spots, producing brilliantly clean glasses.

The HB35 features several other energy- and water-saving features.  For example, the multiple filtering system keeps wash water cleaner for longer, reducing water and energy consumption, and it has a ‘presence indicator’ to confirm the filter has been refitted correctly after cleaning.

Features like the RCD booster deliver great results by ensuring that rinse water is at the correct temperature and pressure.  The automatic self-cleaning cycle, which kicks in when the machine is switched off, keeps things hygienic without taking up staff time.

Practical features make the HB35 easy to use.  Its stainless steel, double-skin construction is robust whilst delivering quiet operation and saving energy.  The drain pump catches and removes particulates from the water, so there’s no need to drain down the tank mid-shift.  The soft-start feature prevents breakages by slowly building the wash cycle up to full power.  Other features include a self-draining wash pump and electronic adjustment of the detergent and rinse aid dispensers.  Options include a choice of built in water softener or RO unit.

The HB35 has a footprint of just 600mm x 600mm and a height of 720mm to 850mm, depending on the water treatment system chosen.  The fastest wash cycle takes just 90 seconds to complete and the machine accommodates racks of 500mm x 500mm.

The HB35 is part of the new Hi-Line series, which includes undercounter glasswashers and dishwashers as well as hood type dishwashers.  For full details, visit the Hubbard stand 2250 at Hotelympia 2018.