Saving the environment one straw at a time

Parsley in Time supply sustainable straws

Plastic is polluting our oceans at a rapid rate with conservationists warning that the world’s widespread throwaway culture needs to reel itself in before it’s too late. Plastic straws are seen as the epitome of single-use non-sustainability, with over 500 million estimated to be used every day in the U.S. alone. To help caterers to stop using plastic straws, Parsley in Time now supplies Utopia Tableware’s biodegradable Paper Straw.

The Utopia Paper Straws are the perfect green alternative to the standard plastic straw, offering a pledge promise of 100% biodegradability, strictly sticking to exact manufacturing standards.

This environmentally-friendly range is available in a classic collection of colours, including a popular bamboo finish. Measuring 20cm in length, with a bore of 7mm, it’s manufactured to ensure it won’t unravel in the drink like some paper straws have been known to.

“Many of our customers are looking for environmentally friendly products,” says Parsley in Time’s marketing manager Rob Blunderfield. “Long term, paper straws are the green alternative, and we hope that they become the preferred choice for operators and consumers.”

The British government first took action against plastic pollution in 2015 when it introduced the 5p plastic bag tax. This scheme managed to reduce the number of single-use bags used by over 85% within 12 months. The success of this policy paved the way for the rise of other initiatives such as London’s Borough Market’s recently announced ban on the sale of disposable drinks bottles.

Rob says, “It’s great that there are initiatives like Borough Market’s. As awareness in these issues increases, we can help to combat the wastefulness head-on. Yes, in the grand scale of things, supplying sustainable straws can be seen as a small change, but given the large number being thrown away, we feel that it’s making a real difference.”