Winterhalter helps to make Number Six Number One

Owner of acclaimed Cornish restaurant thrilled with new equipment

Since moving to the charming Cornish port of Padstow in 2009, Paul Ainsworth has been creating his vision of the perfect restaurant. “My plan was never to make a gastronomic temple where the customers feel like they’re not worthy enough to be there, it’s about going out, eating fantastic food and having a great time.” His restaurant, Paul Ainsworth at Number Six, has been awarded 4 AA rosettes and a Michelin Star for its menu, which showcases the best of locally sourced ingredients with a modern take on classic British dishes.

Earlier this year, the restaurant was refurbished. Paul approached Salix, one of the UK’s leading commercial kitchen designers, to help him create his ideal kitchen. “I heard about Salix from Tom Kerridge, who knew that we were looking for a world-class kitchen. I’m a strong believer in the idea that the best PR is word of mouth.

“I’ve worked at some of the best restaurants in the world,” says Paul. “A lot of these places have Winterhalter warewashers handling the cleaning, so there was no debate when it came to choosing the equipment for Number 6!”

Paul has no doubts about the importance of getting the best equipment. “We had to get the design right first time,” he explains. “This is an independent restaurant; we can’t ring up head office and ask for a replacement if anything breaks down. So we need equipment that can go the distance! Buy once, not twice, that’s my motto.”

As any chef will tell you, having the right warewashing equipment is vital to the smooth running of their kitchen. Number Six chose Winterhalter’s PT-M passthrough dishwasher, with EnergyPlus.

The PT range was the first commercial dishwasher to be fitted with energy saving heat exchange technology as standard, which captures energy from the wastewater and uses it to heat incoming cold water. The EnergyPlus increases the efficiency further by capturing and processing steam when the machine is opened. This helps to reduce the overall operating costs compared to standard pass-through dishwasher by up to 32%, as well as improving the working environment by reducing humidity.

“The EnergyPlus system was a huge selling point for us,” explains Paul. “We’re based in a beautiful Georgian townhouse, which can make it difficult to install an extractor fan without damaging the fabric of the building. We also make pastry in the same room the dishwasher is kept in, so reducing moisture in the air there makes our jobs easier as well as making a more pleasant working environment.”

With an average 105 covers a day, Paul knows that having equipment that performs under pressure is vital. “When we’re going full tilt, the warewasher is working nearly all the time. We use many pieces of delicate crockery here, so it’s vital to not only get things clean first time but also guarantee that it comes out undamaged.” The VarioPower system lets operators adjust the water pressure to suit the items being washed, controlled via the easy to use touchscreen panel. As well as pressure, VarioPower also changes the temperature and wash time, as well as optimising the amounts of detergent and rinse aid, ensuring that even the most soiled items are perfectly cleaned.

Water purity is guaranteed through a number of systems, including a filter on the incoming water supply and a self-cleaning system that helps remove any residues of food left inside. Furthermore, the PT-M can be customised to each site’s requirements, taking into account the local water conditions.

“Buying this kind of thing is like buying a luxury car. You don’t just get the best equipment, you get amazing service and care too,” says Paul. “Winterhalter has come and given us training, shown us how to get the most out of it. It’s a powerful piece of equipment, but so simple to use!”

Paul is philosophical about what owning a Winterhalter means. “It’s quite humbling, to be at the point in my career where I can provide my staff with top of the line equipment to support them,” he says. “Working in a kitchen like this makes you feel like a million pounds. And using equipment of this quality helps us to focus on giving our customers the best experience!”

 Winterhalter at Paul Ainsworth at Number Six

Paul Ainsworth at Number Six has a PT-M with Energy Plus which can process up to 77 (500mm x 500mm) racks per hour.  It’s the markets first passthrough dishwasher with energy-saving heat exchange technology fitted as standard. This extracts heat from the waste water, using it to heat incoming cold water and reducing energy costs by up to 10%.

It also incorporates an energy control system that speeds up the washing process, increasing rack capacity by up to 28% an hour and reducing heat-up time by 50%. The patented “full jet” filtration system works in conjunction with Winterhalter’s Mediamat filter to constantly clean the washwater.

The new VarioPower feature allows the operator to optimise the programme to suit the delicacy or dirtiness of the wash items. The wash arms provide 100% coverage, which combined with the advanced filtration systems and the new VarioPower system, improve the brilliance of cleaning results by 29%.

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