Christmas Special: Cazuela en Champagne Cocktail from FEM

FEM’s Hamilton Beach Commercial Eclipse blender meets festive cocktail demand

In a busy bar, during the Christmas and New Year festivities, it is vital to ensure that blended drinks, such as cocktails and mocktails, are not only delivered quickly, but that they are perfectly mixed.

FEM’s Hamilton Beach Commercial blenders make light work of creating delicious blended drinks at the push of a button. The blenders feature a Wave-Action system which continually forces the mixture down onto the blades to ensure no lumps are left behind.

Most traditional blenders can only be used for a limited amount of time before they overheat, which can lead to permanent damage. The Hamilton Beach Commercial Eclipse’s advanced airflow design means significantly less air is needed for cooling, compared to conventional blenders and mixers, so the risk of overheating is virtually eliminated, making it ideal for back-to-back batches.

To avoid noisy blending, Hamilton Beach Commercial has developed its own QuietBlend technology. This reduces its noise level to 60-70dB, the same as normal conversation.

Want some cocktail fizz? We have a suggestion…

Cazuela means “pot” in Spanish and refers to a variety of dishes prepared in clay pots. The traditional cazuela cocktail is made with tequila and fruit in a clay pot. This version, made with champagne, is both lighter and easier to prepare.

The Cazuela en Champagne is the perfect Christmas cocktail, as it can be flavoured using fresh fruits such as strawberries or winter berries. It can also be adapted, by losing the champagne and substituting it with sparkling apple juice to make it suitable for a mocktail offering too.

Cazuela en Champagne Recipe

Ingredients: Fruit of your choice: peaches, strawberries, cherimoyas (may require special ordering) sugar Champagne or sparkling wine

Method: In the Hamilton Beach Commercial Eclipse blender, purée your chosen fruit.

Add a handful of ice cubes and mix.

Add sugar to taste.


Mix with chilled champagne or sparkling wine.

For a non-alcoholic version, substitute sparkling apple juice or a soft drink of your choice.

After each cocktail it’s important to thoroughly clean the blender to avoid tainting following cocktails. Cleaning the Hamilton Beach Commercial Eclipse is simple with the Container Rinser. It fits in the sink and connects directly to the taps to deliver a powerful spray inside the blender jug for quick and easy cleaning.

Look for blenders with an automatic shut-off timer, so that bar staff are freed up for other duties while the drink is being made.


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