Aerofoils help Multideck merchandiser energy efficiency fly

Williams’ latest Multidecks cut energy use by up to 15%

Williams has upgraded its range of Gem Multideck grab & go merchandisers by developing special aerofoils that dramatically improve energy efficiency.

The aerofoils are mounted along the front of the unit’s shelves and double as ticket strips.  They are carefully angled to trap cold air as it flows around the Multideck, redirecting it onto the shelf below.  This redirecting of the cold air saves energy as the unit’s refrigeration doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain temperature.  It also improves the customer experience as it reduces ‘cold aisle syndrome’, with most of the cold air staying inside the display, instead of spilling out of the front.  This is especially important where runs of Multidecks are grouped together. 

Field trials indicate that the aerofoils deliver substantial reductions in energy use, by up to 15% compared to the traditional ticket strip format.

Williams also offers improved panoramic glass side panels as an option on all its latest Multideck models. The panels are larger than in previous versions, enhancing the eye-catching impact of unit.  They offer greater TDA (Total Display Area) and an improved EEI (Energy Efficiency Index).  Along with the bright LED lighting and attractive fascia, which is available in a comprehensive choice of colours and finishes, they help to maximise grab & go sales.

There are two Multideck ranges: the slimline R Series is ideal for venues that are short of space, while the M Series will appeal to sites wanting the maximum display area – the largest model offers 918 litres capacity.



The Gem Multideck is part of Williams’ range for the grab & go sector, which includes front of house merchandisers and back of house refrigerated cabinets.