Frima helps Pretty Sweet stay on top

Acclaimed patisserie keeps on top with Frima’s advanced technology

Claire Clark MBE, co-founder of Pretty SweetFor Claire Clark MBE, co-founder of Pretty Sweet, patisserie is a science. “You need to be very precise about everything you do. Each step of the process needs to be the same every time, from measuring ingredients, to the temperature of the oven and the time it spends in there. Controlling everything is key to getting perfect results every time”.

Claire founded Pretty Sweet in 2014 with Sarah Crouchman. Between them they have worked at some of the finest restaurants in the world and have earned some of the industry’s highest honours. Claire was awarded the MBE in 2011 for her contribution to the craft, and was the first person in the UK – and the only female recipient – of the Meilleur Ouvrier de la Grande-Bretagne, France’s most prestigious professional award.

With eight full-time and seven part-time staff, Pretty Sweet supplies cakes and pastries to a range of clients including Harrods and the five-star hotels, The Berkeley and The Royal Horseguards. The company specialises in fine, detailed work combining sophisticated tastes and creative design.

Pretty Sweet has Frima’s 211, which has a 100-litre capacity pan and a footprint measuring 1164mm(w) x 914mm(d) x 1100mm(h). “It’s a bit unusual to find a machine like this in a patisserie,” says Claire. “But there’s not many with our levels of production!”

Pretty Sweet can produce up to 8000 of their most popular products every day, so being able to produce large quantities is essential. “For example, we can use it to make a whole batch of lemon curd at once,” explains Claire. “And the automatic control system means we can leave it to cook and get on with other things, knowing that it’ll come out exactly how we want without sticking or burning.”

Frima’s advanced VarioCooking Control system is simple to use yet powerful, with options selected via a touchscreen interface. It constantly monitors the food, and is able to make temperature adjustments in order to guarantee perfect results.

“We’re very happy with the Frima,” says Claire. “It gives us a huge amount of control, and knowing that we can set it running with no intervention lets us focus on more complex things”.

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