Moffat training days: dealers get hands-on experience of raft of new product launches

Moffat’s latest dealer training day saw a team from Gastronorth get a warm welcome at Bonnybridge.

GastroNorth delegates at the Moffat training dayThe training days are all about showing dealers the latest models – Moffat is in the middle of a raft of new product launches, along with upgrades to its existing lines. 

“We gave our new product development team a number of challenges and they’ve been in overdrive over the past year or so,” says Moffat sales manager John Wannan.  “The results are now being launched.  They vary from whole new ranges, such as our new Grab & Go merchandisers, to variations on popular established lines, such as our Pop Up Versicartes.

“There’s a lot to talk about, and dealer partners who can come to the factory obviously benefit from being able to get hands-on experience of the new models and technologies.”

Moffat’s Scotland area manager Paul Haughey led the recent Gastronorth training day.  He says, “It was a very fruitful day all round, reviewing the production facility and helping the delegates gain a more in-depth understanding of the kind of products and services Moffat has to offer our dealer partners. A big thank you to the team from Gastronorth for taking the time to travel up and spend the day with us.”

Moffat will be arranging more training days in the coming months – any dealer who is interested in attending should contact their Moffat area manager.  “We can promise them some serious Scottish hospitality, as well as plenty of interesting discussion,” says John.