Go Shares

Parsley in Time caters for increased demand of sharing platters

PiTSharing platters are set to become one of this year’s big food trends. From tapas, antipasti, meze, dessert tasters or petit fours to share, there are many menu options available, but these dishes require a certain style of crockery to showcase them.

Parsley in Time supplies a range of taster trays from Steelite International, a world-leading manufacturer of award-winning inspirational tabletop solutions.One of the highlights of the range is the Terramesa Taster Tray. The Terramesa Taster Tray boosts the aesthetic appeal of dishes and is bang on trend, combining rustic style with a natural, earthy colours.

As well as the Taster Tray, Parsley in Time supplies the full Terramesa range, offering a vast range of shapes, sizes and functions that are designed to compliment any style of cuisine.