Tray beau

FEM launches Cambro Madeira Laminated trays in three new upscale woodgrain patterns

FEM’s new Cambro Madeira trays deliver on aesthetics, functionality and durabilityTrays are a vital part of self-service establishments, but it’s important that they look good, as well as being hard-wearing and functional.

Wood effect trays are very popular – but, as in every area, wood fashions change. To reflect the latest wood trends, FEM has launched a new series of designs in the Cambro Madeira range.

Cambro Madeira Laminated trays are now available in three new wood patterns – light oak, light olive and dark oak, so there is a design to compliment all decors.

As well as having an upgraded look, the trays are built to last. The top and bottom surface are sealed with a pure food grade melamine and the trays offer excellent chemical, stain and scratch resistance. Constructed from durable laminated material, the trays are also dishwasher safe.

The Cambro Madeira Laminated trays are available from FEM distributors in a variety of sizes.