“The chef’s best friend”: Falcon raises the induction range bar

F900 induction range combines sustainability, robust performance, looks and manufacturing excellence

falcons-f900-induction-range-model-i91105Falcon’s new induction range combines sustainability and great looks with the company’s reputation for robust performance and manufacturing excellence.  The latest addition to the acclaimed F900 series, it is available in two versions, offering a choice of four 3.5kW zones (model number I91104) or four 5kW zones (model number I91105), mounted over a 2/1 gastronorm oven. 

“This is an induction range for the most demanding of kitchens,” says Shaune Hall, product development chef at Falcon.  “It delivers all the benefits of induction – energy saving, safety, speed and precise temperature control – along with the build quality, performance, reliability and longevity the market expects from Falcon.

“The hob offers an extended cooking area surface to control spillages and is complemented by the electric oven, which has accurate temperature control and good loading capacity.  In the Falcon kitchen I’m lucky enough to get to use all our latest models – the F900 induction range is definitely one of my favourite pieces of equipment.  It’s the chef’s best friend in the kitchen.”

The induction range is compatible with the Falcon’s Dynamic Link System (DLS) (patent pending*), which allows different F900 appliances to be linked almost seamlessly together.  This gives the hygiene benefits and looks of an island suite or one-piece top, while keeping both the flexibility and lower pricing of a modular cookline.  The DLS, combined with the characteristically stylish F900 design, makes the induction range perfect for theatre-style kitchens and front-of-house cooking.

Typical of the robust build quality is the hob, which is constructed of 6mm toughened ceramic glass and 2mm 304 grade stainless steel, while the exterior panels have a Scotch Brite finish.  Manufacturing uses advanced laser cutting technology to deliver the accurate right-angled edges required by the DLS to ensure a smooth join, enabling units to be linked closely together, removing potential dirt traps and improving hygiene conditions.  The F900 induction range even has IPX5 water resistance certification for deep-cleaning.

The range’s powerful 6.2kW oven can accommodate up to five 2/1 GN shelves.

Barry Hill, marketing manager of Falcon, says, “The F900 has been a big success in the UK.  The F900 induction range’s sustainability – both in terms of energy saving and longevity – is going to underline that success.”

The new induction ranges measure 900mm deep by 1000mm wide and 900mm high.  The ranges are available from Falcon distributors.

(*patent pending application no. GB 1511389.7)