TUCO Conference 2016: University research proves Frima cuts energy and water consumption significantly

Frima at TUCO Conference 2016, Stand 111, University of Exeter, 25th – 27th July 2016

Frima's 112L VarioCooking CenterA recent project by researchers from Zurich University showed that kitchens using Frima appliances can reduce energy and water consumption significantly – and produce a greater variety and volume of meals, in less space. Plus, they’re four times faster than conventional appliances. At the TUCO Conference, Frima will show two VarioCooking Centers on stand 111 – the large volume 211+ and the new, compact 112L. 

The new 112L is a two-pan unit, each with a capacity of 25 litres. Previous Frima two-pan units have had 14 litre pans and the new model was developed in direct response to customer demand.

Like the recently launched 112T, the new unit is a countertop model that can easily be installed on the work bench, on a stand or elsewhere. The VarioCooking Center 112L is truly multifunctional: it can replace griddles, kettles, bratt pans, large pots and fryers and can be used to fry, deep fry, boil and confit.

The 112L’s two pans offer maximum flexibility. The 50 litre capacity provides sufficient frying surface and boiling capacity even at peak times. The height of the pan base is ergonomically designed to make it easy for chefs to work with, which is an important benefit compared to tilting pans or other multifunctional appliances.

Meanwhile the 211+ offers a pressure cooking feature that delivers even faster cook times. For example, it can cut cooking times for products such as casseroles, soups and stocks by 50% or more.

Visitors can discuss the research by Zurich University on stand 111. More information can be found at frima-online.com.

For information and brochures, or to come to a free Cooking Live demonstration, call Frima UK on 0845 680 3981, email info.uk@frima-online.com or visit www.frima-online.com


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TUCO 2016 – Jul-16

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