The Rise of the Grill

Falcon’s F900 Rise and Fall Grill combines great performance and efficiency

Rise and fall grillFalcon’s latest product offering is the F900 Rise and Fall Grill (model E600).  Part of Falcon’s new F900 Series, it combines functionality with built-in energy and cost savings.

The F900 Rise and Fall Grill is very energy efficient as it uses automatic plate sensing technology to only activate the heat source when the tray is placed into the unit, just like induction. The grill’s powerful infrared elements ensure instant heat-up and precise temperature control, which also saves energy, as well as time. Even cooking is achieved with the middle of three elements turning off for 8 seconds after 25 seconds of all three being on full power. This delivers a consistent heat across the entire tray as well as adding to the overall energy efficiency.

The Rise and Fall Grill takes up little space and can be sited on a table- or counter-top or even wall-mounted, making it ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium. 1/1 gastronorm compatible, the grill is very versatile and can be used for heating, holding, finishing or cooking a range of menu items.

The one touch operation, touch screen and manual or programmable modes mean the Rise and Fall Grill is very easy to use. The grill element height can be easily adjusted to suit the food being cooked and to ensure perfect cooking results, time after time.

The F900 Rise and Fall Grill (model number E600) measures 570mm (wide) x 520mm (height) x 580mm (depth), with a cooking area of 560mm x 360mm. It is supplied with a wall bracket and bench legs are also available.