The Best Warranty for High Performance Blending

New 3 year ‘best in industry’ warranty – FEM’s Hamilton Beach Commercial blenders

FEM's Hamilton Beach Commercial Blenders now have extended warranty - Eclipse BlenderFEM is now supplying its Hamilton Beach Commercial high performance food and drink blenders with an upgraded warranty.  The new three year parts and labour warranty sets the standard as ‘best in the industry’ and ensures customers can feel added confidence in the reliability of their blender.

The Fury drinks blender is one of the seven high performance models available with the new warranty. The Fury offers powerful precision blending with a choice of high, low or pulse settings and a timer with automatic shutoff to prevent under- and over-blending, while letting operators get on with the rest of the order.  It’s built to last with a 3hp motor with all-metal drive coupling, designed to meet the demands of the busiest venues.

Also benefitting from the extended warranty is the Hamilton Beach Commercial Eclipse blender. The Eclipse uses Hamilton Beach’s QuietBlend technology, sits within a tightly sealed QuietShield and features an advanced airflow design, which all work together to allow the Eclipse to operate at a noise level reduced to 60-70 dB, the same as normal conversation. The advanced airflow design also means that significantly less air is needed for cooling, compared to conventional blenders and mixers, so the risk of overheating is virtually eliminated.

Both blenders feature Hamilton Beach’s patented Wave~Action™ System which continuously forces the contents down onto the blades for smooth and consistent results, time after time.

The upgraded warranty is available on FEM’s Fury, Tempest, Eclipse and Summit drinks blenders, as well as the Expeditor HBF600, HBF600S and HBF1100S food blenders. As well as the 3 years parts and labour warranty, the blades and motor drive coupling are under warranty for the lifetime of the unit.

The Hamilton Beach Commercial Fury blender is available from FEM distributors.