Capacity to bridge the gap: FRIMA launches new VarioCooking Center

Market-leader responds to customer demand for flexible, 50 litre option

FRIMA's new VarioCooking Center 112LFrima has launched a new VarioCooking Center.  The 112L is a two-pan unit, each with a capacity of 25 litres.  Previous Frima two-pan units have had 14 litre pans and the new model was developed in direct response to customer demand.

Like the recently launched 112T, the new unit is a counter top model that can easily be installed on the work bench, on a stand or elsewhere.  Thus even small kitchens can benefit from its high capacity, multifunctional cooking abilities. And the VarioCooking Center 112L is truly multifunctional: it can replace griddles, kettles, bratt pans, large pots and fryers and can be used to fry, deep fry, boil and confit.

The 112L’s two pans offer maximum flexibility both in production and in à la carte.  Chefs can be boiling pasta in one pan and cooking steaks in the other, frying chips in one and creating béchamel sauce in the other – the potential is vast.  The 50 litre capacity provides sufficient frying surface and boiling capacity even at peak times. The height of the pan base is ergonomically designed to make it easy for chefs to work with, which is an important benefit compared to tilting pans or other multifunctional appliances.

“With the new 112L model, we are filling a gap in our product range, offering customers an even greater selection of VarioCooking Center Multificiency appliances,” says Michael Fuchs, chairman of the board of Frima International AG. “The new model is ideal for anyone needing the flexibility of two pans, but who has limited space, while also having to produce larger quantities during peak times.”

Like other models in the range, the VarioCooking Center 112L achieves energy savings of up to 40% compared to conventional cooking appliances, and cooks up to 4 times faster.  The overnight cooking function creates additional capacity as it cooks without supervision, so food is ready in the morning when staff arrive – and chef can then use the Frima for other cooking tasks.  The integrated cooking intelligence ensures perfect cooking results: for example, pasta is automatically lifted from the water at the end of the cooking time, the unit will notify staff when pan fried foods need turning and it regulates the temperature and timing to the precise degree and second, so that food and liquids never burn, boil over or stick.

“Customers had been asking about a model that bridged the gap between the original, smaller 112 units and the larger 211 and 311 VarioCooking Centers, which have capacities of 100 and 150 litres respectively,” says Graham Kille, managing director of Frima UK.  “Then, in 2015, Frima talked to 400 chefs across Europe and they confirmed the demand for the 50 litre model.  However, they wanted the flexibility of the two pans – and so the 112L was created.”

For information and brochures, or to come to a free Cooking Live demonstration, call FRIMA UK on 0845 680 3981, email or visit

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