Precision refrigerated counter gains A+ energy rating

British manufacturer believes MCU 211 two-door counter offers lowest energy consumption on market

Precision MCU 211 counter with drawersWith running costs of less than £58 per year, the latest Precision MCU 211 refrigeration counter sets a new benchmark in energy efficiency. So much so that it has been awarded an A+ energy rating.

The rating is based on the latest version of TG44 WG2, the draft that will form the basis for the EUP (Eco Design) Directive testing process. “The figures prove our new counter is one of the most energy efficient on the market,” says Precision managing director Nick Williams. “With energy prices rising all the time, this counter delivers big savings for foodservice operators. And those savings will increase over its lifetime.”

The independent tests were carried out by RD&T (Refrigeration Development and Testing Ltd). As well as assessing the model under TG44 WG2, the company tested it under EN441, which is used for the Carbon Trust’s ECA scheme. Here it scored an EEI (energy efficiency index) of only 11.3, which is better than any of its competitors. The threshold EEI for the scheme is 18. The sub-£58 per year running costs assume an electricity cost of £0.15 per kWh.

The MCU 211 is Precision’s most popular two-door counter. Standard features include a GN 1/1 shelving system, stainless steel construction throughout, front-venting refrigeration and a hot gas defrost system.

The MCU 211 makes use of a variety of energy saving features including smart fan technologies, new foam insulation, a redeveloped internal air duct design that improves temperature consistency and Precision’s latest version of the iCool intelligent controller. Together they deliver a massive reduction in energy consumption of 86%, compared to previous models.

“To be fair, the design brief for our older models would not have focussed so much on energy saving. Even so, the previous model was on a par with competitors’ models in terms of energy efficiency,” says Nick Williams. “The new model’s low energy consumption reflects our R&D team’s efforts and expertise, as well as the technological advances made in the past few years.”

Precision is currently in the process of getting the MCU 211 listed on the ECA Scheme. List prices start from £2,520.

For more information check out the Precision website (, or call the company directly on +44 (0)1842 753 994.