Bottle coolers that beat the heat

New British fridges from Precision are happy to work out in the midday sun

Stand Z-L38, Gulfood 2015, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, 8th February – 12th February

Precision launches heat beating bottle coolers at Gulfood 2015A big issue with bottle coolers in outdoor locations in the Middle East is that they just don’t work – the sun is too hot. Now British refrigeration manufacturer Precision has launched a range of bottle coolers designed specifically to cope with the heat – in fact, they’ll operate in ambient temperatures of up to 43°C.

The new range will be launched at Gulfood 2015 on the Precision stand in the Great Britain Pavilion. Constructed from high quality stainless steel for a sleek, classic look, both glass door and solid door versions are available. Their annealed stainless steel interior and bright lighting give a clear, mirror-like finish creating the perfect backdrop for bottles and cans.

To stand up to the heat, the new coolers have a beefed up refrigeration system, extra insulation and triple-glazed glass doors. For beach locations the coolers can even be made using 316 stainless steel, which won’t get corroded by sea salt.

To accommodate different layouts and requirements, the coolers are available in one and two door versions. Precision also offers a matching glass froster.

As well as looking good, the coolers are energy efficient and keep drinks at a steady 2 to 6°C. The lockable doors ensure security when the cooler is not in use.

For more information check out the Precision website (, or call the company directly on +44 (0)1842 753 994.