Latest Rational gets all 5 senses stimulated at the Development Chef Club

1st October 2014, Westminster Kingsway College.

test drive a Rational for the chance to win oneRational will be putting the new SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses through its paces at the Development Chef Club on the 1st October cooking super food throughout the day.  Also, visitors will get a chance to taste everything that is cooked to experience the superior cooking quality of the Rational.

Rational chefs will demonstrate the variety of menu items the unit can cook – many at the same time, thanks to the new 5 Senses’ iLevelControl. This shows kitchen staff which foods can be cooked at the same time and adjusts the cooking time for each shelf according to the amount of food loaded and factors such as how often and for how long the door is opened during the cooking process. 

The new SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses is the first intelligent commercial cooking appliance that actually interacts with chefs, getting to know the way they work so that, together, the chef and their combi can always deliver the best possible cooking results. It can roast, poach, bake, toast, braise and pan fry – all at the touch of a button and all with consistent quality.

At the heart of the new combi is the interactive cooking control (iCookingControl) technology. This ensures food is prepared exactly the way the chef wants, by monitoring, controlling and adjusting temperature, time, air speed and the cooking climate – that is, the balance of dry heat and steam.  The iCookingControl features a monitor that enables the chef to see exactly what is happening, at any time.

Because it is multifunctional, a SelfCookingCenter saves space, in fact it can replace 40 to 50% of standard appliances, reducing the kitchen footprint by at least 30%, making it ideal for smaller venues such as cafes.  Options such as the Ultravent condensation hood, which eliminates unwanted cooking fumes and steam, can do away with the need for extra, expensive extraction systems, making it possible to site the combi steamer front of house.

The SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses features an upgraded cleaning system, called Efficient CareControl. It uses reformulated cleaning tablets that last 50% longer than previous versions, reducing costs and minimising environmental impact.

The SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses is available in six different sizes, from the six-grid 1/1GN table top model to the 20-grid 2/1GN floor standing unit, which holds up to 40 gastronorm pans.  Rational’s HiDensityControl uses dynamic fan technology to ensure that, even with the biggest units, heat and humidity are constant throughout the cabinet, delivering absolutely consistent results.