Curves in all the right places

FEM serves up a range of durable and stylish display platters

Vollrath curved platters and standsThe first bite is with the eyes, as the saying goes. Displaying food in an attractive manner will stimulate customers’ appetites far more directly than even the most expertly written menu. For buffets, banqueting, hotels and restaurants, presentation is everything.

Foodservice Equipment Marketing now offers a range of contoured platters, manufactured by Vollrath, designed to display food in a stylish manner.

Made from dishwasher-safe melamine, they have the elegance of fine china while being extremely durable. The contoured edges and gleaming finish provide an elegant way to showcase appetisers and desserts. The platters are available in two sizes, medium (359 x 229 x 30mm) and large (559 x 348 x 30mm) and are certified by the NSF.

Additionally, a range of riser stands designed for use with the medium platters is also available. Coming in three heights (76, 127 and 177mm) and made from stainless steel, their modern design provides an easy way to create visual interest by adding different elevations to a buffet display.