Colby Church: not normal, even for Norfolk

Colby Church Open Day Saturday 19th July 2014, 10am – 5pm Traditional afternoon teas and stalls, Homemade cakes, jams & marmalades

Open day allows visitors to enjoy church’s unusual features, as well as traditional English teas and local walks

In a county blessed with beautiful village churches, Colby stands out.  In 1749 it was in such a bad state of repair that the north and east walls were pulled down.  So Colby St Giles is a mix of 13th century flint and 18th century brick.  As a result, and thanks also to a slightly lopsided aspect, it’s a true celebration of that great Norfolk axiom: do different.

Ada Hooker is one of the organisers of the Colby Church Open Day on July 19 #2

“And it’s all the better for it!” says Ada Hooker who, at 93, has been a church stalwart for over 70 years.  She is is one of the organisers of the Open Day on Saturday 19th July, when visitors will be able to come and enjoy the unusual features of a church that is usually locked up.  The delightful surrounds will be turned into a traditional English Tea ‘room’ and there will be stalls including homemade cakes and jams.

“It will be a lovely day out, for young and old,” says Ada.  “The church has some interesting architectural features and the village has some seriously good cooks!”

There will also be free walking guides with maps of local routes, mostly off-road, lasting from 10 minutes to around one hour.  For anyone wanting to have their cake then walk it off, the Open Day is the ideal event.

The reason for the frivolity is partly to celebrate the church, and partly to raise funds.  “Back in 1749 they sold two of the three big bells to pay for the repairs,” says Ada.  “We don’t have that option, but we have to do some major repair works and need to raise £20,000 – so please come along if you can!”

The church will be open from 10am until 5pm and entry is free.  There is parking on site.  Colby Church can be found just off Long Road, Colby, about one and a half miles east of the A140, four miles north of Aylsham, NR11 7DY

For more information call Rachel Crampton on 01263 731093.