The casualties of the TPW World Cup Sweepstake

Now the second stage of the World Cup is underway we can see who has won the first sweepstake. Suprisingly 6 of us drew out teams who have progressed passed the group stages, earning a cut of the winnings. The only casualties were Alison with England and Callum with Honduras.

With the record broken for the number of goals scored in the group stages (136 goals registered in the opening phase according to FIFA stats) and current total of 145 according to Yahoo and Eurosport, Toni is out of the running having predicted a tournament total of 137. Which one of us will be next? Apologies to Callum as I think he might be in the running after all with his table-topping, whopping prediction of 188 goals.

As for the Groups draw, we will have to see who holds the trophy on 13th July.


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