Totem: ice on tap for fish counters display

Hubbard launches Scotsman’s new ice display concept for fish retailers

Scotsman Totem ice machine from Hubbard Ice SystemsAn eye-catching display of different varieties of fish on a bed of ice can be a huge customer draw, encouraging sales and impulse buying.  However, the production, storage and loading of the ice onto the display can be a logistical nightmare and point of stress.

To address these issues Scotsman has developed Totem, an ice machine that dispenses ice directly onto the fish display counter. Totem saves space and time while reducing costs – plus it ensures that there is ice at all times to refresh the display. The Scotsman Totem is distributed in the UK through Hubbard Ice Systems.

With a footprint of only 0.15m2, Totem makes ice at the point of display, so there is no need for a cold room or ice storage bins. Totem works at night, making use of low cost electricity, to build up a store of nugget ice. When required, staff simply dispense the ice directly onto the fish counter ready for the display, so it is always fresh.

Each Totem is installed and programmed to make the amount of ice required for the site.  Scotsman estimates that a Totem system will save 2 to 3m2 of space which would have been used to store ice in the cold room. Hourly production is up to 18kg, which means overnight up to 147kg or ice can be made. The 1g nugget cubes have a residual water content of 8% and are longer lasting than flake ice, so are perfect for fish counters.

Where previously staff used to transfer ice from an ice bin to the display, installing a Totem can save one to one and half hours of staff time each day, for a 10m long display. In addition, Totem improves safety by reducing the risk of accidents associated with moving large amounts of ice around the store.  By dispensing directly onto the display, it also reduces the risk of possible bacterial contamination.

For more information on the full range of Scotsman ice machines, and details of local stockists, freephone Hubbard Ice Systems on 0800 616559, call 01473 350045 email  or visit