Order at The Bull’s Head

Call Systems Technology installs ConnectSmart Kitchen software to create calm in the kitchen


QSR in operation at The Bull's HeadRichard Pope, owner at The Bull’s Head, Repton, Derbyshire has built a reputation on producing high quality food made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. The pork is produced from pigs reared on Richard’s own farm and everything is made on site, including bread, pastries, and The Bull’s signature gelato.

The Bull’s Head is always busy in its four separate eating areas – The Garden Room with 105 covers, The Terrace with 80 covers, the main restaurant with 65 covers and the bar area which can accommodate a further 65 covers.

As business grew, Richard was finding it increasingly difficult to co-ordinate the orders from the different dining areas and relay them efficiently to the brigade of chefs. The situation was causing major stress in the kitchen. He decided that moving to a screen-based computerised ordering system would help streamline the operation.

“We heard that QSR Automations is the best in the business, so we got in touch with Call Systems Technology for advice on how to get a system up and running for our restaurant. Now, a year on, we are reaping the benefits of a calmer kitchen,” Richard explains.

Once waiters have inputted the order via the Epos system, ConnectSmart® Kitchen (CSK) software by QSR Automations® (QSR) helps chefs determine which food items to focus on and, if necessary how to prepare those items. Using vivid, easy-to-understand graphics, CSK automatically assigns items to individual chef’s workstations. This is based on the prep times of each item on a particular order – so all items for the order complete at the same time. CSK provides faster kitchen preparation and delivery, enhanced food quality and reduced working stress.

“It takes time to move from a paper-based to a screen-based order system,” explains Richard. “At first chefs tend to think it’s dumbing down their work, but they see the benefits when they start using the system.”

An added complication at The Bull’s Head is that it has two kitchens – a main kitchen and a pizzeria kitchen with a specialist wood-fired pizza oven. Because of the age and structure of the building, these are situated at different ends of the site. At The Bull’s Head, there are seven screens in the main kitchen and additional screens in the pizzeria kitchen.

“It was a logistical nightmare getting orders to the table together in busy periods,” says Richard. “Now with CSK, front of house staff have a better idea of what’s going on in the kitchen and can advise diners of how their order is progressing and how long they will have to wait.

“The big advantage of the system is that we can be certain that all the orders are getting through to the chefs. There’s no question of losing orders, which can too easily happen with a paper system. All in all, the kitchen is a quieter and calmer place.”

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