Will your KP win you a £12k pass through dishwasher?

Winterhalter announces extra prize for KP of the year Awards

Winterhalter will give away one of its new pass through mahcines in the KP of the Year 2013 Awards.The search is on for the KP of the Year, in a competition backed by Winterhalter, the market leading warewasher manufacturer.  Now Winterhalter has confirmed that, alongside cash and other prizes for the winner, the KP of the Year’s establishment will win a pass-through warewasher worth £12,000.  The warewasher is the new, advanced hood machine being launched by Winterhalter in September 2013.

Top chefs have voiced their support for the KP of the Year competition, including Francis Atkins of the Yorke Arms, who says “A good KP is pure gold in the operation of an efficient and productive kitchen.  I see this award as being instrumental in encouraging young people to enter kitchens to learn and progress, so they have targets and enjoyment throughout their work and receive respect from their peers.”

The Winterhalter warewasher on offer is brand new.  It will feature new technologies that save energy, water and chemicals and it will be highly adaptable.

The package of prizes for the KP of the Year also includes £500 in cash and an unforgettable night out for the winner, and up to five colleagues, at a chef’s table at a Michelin-starred restaurant.  The warewasher prize includes installation but not tabling.

Entry is simple but hurry – the deadline is 20th May 2013.  To find out more, visit www.kpoftheyear.co.uk.