Induction cooking saves energy and money

Energy saving induction advice from CESA

Induction cooking gives faster cooking times as the pan heats almost 50% faster than a gas burner does. Figures from a CESA (Catering Equipment Suppliers Association) member show that boiling 4 pints of water by gas can take 8 minutes 18 seconds, whereas on an induction hob it takes just 4 minutes 46 seconds. This not only reduces cooking times, but also reduces energy consumption.

Induction cooking uses electro-magnetic energy to turn the pan into the heat source. The induction hob heats the pan directly, rather than heating the area under a pan like a traditional gas or electric burner. As the energy is transferred directly to the pan by a magnetic field, very little heat is wasted, saving energy and money.

Induction cooking is more efficient than gas cooking. Delivering 90 percent of the stated power to the pan, where as gas delivers just 50 percent. Energy is transferred directly to the pan by magnetic field, so less is wasted or lost to the surrounding area – which makes the working atmosphere more pleasant.

The benefits do not stop there, as induction cooking enables chefs to accurately monitor, control and instantly change the cooking temperature. Induction hobs are also safer than traditional hobs because the hob itself does not get hot, except from the heat of the pan, and they are easy to wipe clean.

CESA has produced a guide to induction cooking, available free to foodservice professionals on the website

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