Butcher, Baker, Utensil Washer Maker

Energy saving utensil washers for butchers and bakers from Winterhalter

Butchers and bakers require a fast, efficient, multi-functioning utensil washer that is capable of meeting rigorous hygiene regulations and removing stubborn or baked-on grime from utensils, pots and pans. Winterhalter’s GS600 Series of high-capacity front-loading utensil washers features Energy models which employ user-friendly technology to deliver the best results from the least water, detergents and energy.

The GS600 Series Energy models have an integrated exhaust air heat recovery system to capture energy from waste steam and use it to heat the incoming cold water supply. This slashes energy consumption and minimises the amount of steam escaping from the washer, significantly enhancing the working environment while reducing the workload of the site’s extraction system – particularly important for butchers and bakers where the room temperature needs to be precisely regulated.

The reduction in energy use means that the total connected load of the machines can be lowered by 6kW – depending on the model chosen.  The washers also save water by maintaining the quality of the wash water, using the ‘Cyclo Mediamat’ water purifier, thus reducing the amount of fresh water required for each cycle.

In order to cope with big pots and pans, the models in the range are taller than a standard pass-through washer, which means that the performance of the wash and rinse arms has to reach further and be even more powerful and effective than in a dishwasher. To meet these requirements the wash system consists of top and bottom reversing arms, so that its cleaning jets achieve maximum coverage.

The range features a clever ‘split’ door design, half lift and half fold down, to give easy access and an entry height of up to 830mm (GS660 Energy).  The washers are extremely simple to operate, with a control panel that clearly displays the wash status, including the current tank and boiler temperatures, as well as the detergent and rinse aid level. Colour-coded, single push button operation minimises errors and makes it easy for temporary staff to use the utensil washer. The integrated self-cleaning cycle effortlessly keeps the washer in optimum working condition, machine components spotlessly clean and reduces the frequency of servicing.

Three Energy models are available from the GS 600 range, offering a choice of entry heights and capacities to accommodate over-size pans and long knives and sharpeners. Each is built using high quality materials, making the machines able to withstand the demands of a busy environment, ensuring a long service life.

 The smallest of the GS600 Energy models is the GS 640 Energy, suitable for establishments where there is little space for a dedicated utensil washer. Measuring just 750mm (w) x 870mm (d) with door closed x 2201mm (h), the GS 640 Energy may be compact but can still tackle full size containers, trays and grease filters, getting sparkling clean results. It can also be programmed to wash dishes, cutlery and glasses if required.

 At the other end of the spectrum, the GS 660 Energy measures 1380mm (w) x 870mm (d) with door closed x 2371mm (h) and has a tank capacity of 125 litres. The GS 660 Energy is capable of washing 300 baking sheets per hour.