Speeding up responses at The Big Blue Hotel

Call Systems Technology installs a Genesis paging system at The Big Blue Hotel, Blackpool

The 157 room Big Blue Hotel is a favourite with families as it is right next to the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool.  It’s especially popular in the summer months and during the famous Blackpool Illuminations. Like many modern hotels, it also offers a range of conference facilities and is fully licensed for weddings. All this makes it a bustling venue year round.

At the start of the 2011 summer season the hotel installed a Genesis paging system from Call Systems Technology to make sure guests have a comfortable, trouble-free stay. The Genesis system consists of 15 pagers, a telephone paging interface and a five-user PC package so messages can be sent from five locations.

With the new system, staff members carry a pager that can receive a digital message to explain the problem and what action is needed, so they can respond immediately and appropriately.

“This has speeded up our service considerably”, says Tom Kennedy operations manager at The Big Blue Hotel. “Previously our paging system was very basic so staff had to get to the nearest telephone to receive instructions once they were paged.”

Routine messages can be pre-programmed into the Genesis system simplifying use. For example, one keystroke can trigger a ‘please lift car park barrier’ message directly to the attendant on duty compared to the old system when three or four separate messages might have to be passed from person to person. Pre-set, quick-fire keys on the pagers ensure unambiguous messages reach their targets.

“The system is very, very simple to use,” says Tom Kennedy. “And it’s great for routine reminders. Every Thursday morning we test the fire alarm. At five minutes to eleven we automatically send a reminder to all pagers, so staff realise it is just a test.”

Genesis logs all messages for traceability and performance improvements. Every day the duty manager checks the log and makes sure all problems have been addressed and remedial action taken.

“No matter where in the hotel employees are working, as long as they are carrying their pager we can reach them. The housekeeping manager pages floor staff as soon as a guest checks out so their room can be cleaned straightaway, ready for the next occupant,” says Tom Kennedy. “It’s all about speeding up response times and making sure our guests have the best service possible.”

For details, freephone Call Systems Technology on 0800 389 5642 or 020 8381 1338, email the company at sales@call-systems.com or visit the CST website www.call-systems.com.