Bottled Water On Tap At Hotelympia

Hotelympia New Product Alert

Classeq launches new products from Eau de Vie; plus latest ‘best in class’ British manufactured dish and glasswashers; plus Ice-O-Matic energy-saving ice makers. 


Classeq will feature its radical new bottled water concept, Eau de Vie, with new models and bottles as well as a new, budget-friendly rental scheme.  Also on show are the company’s British-manufactured glass and dishwashers, now including features normally associated only with top-end machines.  Last but not least is a selection from the Ice-O-Matic range of ice machines, manufactured by Scotsman and distributed in the UK by Classeq. 

Eau de Vie: lower running costs, lower impact on the environment, higher profits

By filtering mains water and serving still and sparkling versions in stylish, reusable bottles, the Eau de Vie system offers a profitable and eco

-friendly alternative that tastes every bit as good as conventional branded bottled water.  It also eliminates the handling and cost associated with collection of empty water bottles, which can amount to hundreds of pounds in some local authorities.  More importantly, customers like both the taste of the Eau de Vie water and its environmentally-sound concept. 

On stand N1426 Classeq will show the latest models, including the compact TT (table top) version, with can produce up to 50 litres of fresh water per hour.  The company will also show new bottle designs, with a 500ml bottle joining the original 750ml version. 

Hotelympia visitors will also be able to find out about the new rental scheme for Eau de Vie.  This allows operators to install a complete system – including dispensers, bottles and services – for as little as £20 per week.  Given that a bottle of Eau de Vie costs a few pence to fill, and can be sold for £2 to £5, the profit potential is significant. 

Classeq Warewashers: ‘best in class’

Classeq dish and glasswashers deliver the best value in the popular mid-budget market.  At Hotelympia visitors will be able to check out the features that Classeq now include as standard, and which are normally only found in much more expensive models, that Classeq claims makes them ‘best in class.’  These include sophisticated filtration, to extend washwater life, and integrated water softener and detergent dispensers, making Classeq’s Duo undercounter models the easy to install, compact option. 

Ice-O-Matic: energy-saving ice makers

At Hotelympia Classeq will focus on Ice-O-Matic’s energy-saving features such as its ‘harvest assist technology.’  This improves energy efficiency and ice cube production by assisting ice off of the evaporator freezing surface, which in turn shortens the harvest cycle time.  Classeq offers a choice of Ice-O-Matic machines to suit all sectors of the hospitality market, ranging from compact undercounter units to high-volume modular systems.