Table Top Water System

Classeq introduces a table top model of the Eau de Vie still and sparkling water system

Classeq has launched a table top version of its Eau de Vie fresh filtered still and sparkling water system. The compact EDV-TT is designed for use in bars, restaurants, hotels and conference facilities where space is limited but chilled premium quality water is a must-have item. 

The EDV-TT filters mains water to supply fresh-filtered still and carbonated chilled water on tap. Not only is the machine itself extremely small – measuring just 408mm (w) x 533mm (d) x 540mm (h) including the drip tray – but it also eliminates the need to store bottles of water. The system has the capacity to produce up to 50 litres of fresh filtered water per hour.

To turn mains water into a high quality, pure and clear drink, the new table top model passes it through an integral carbon block, cyst-rated water filter. For the optimal clarity an optional UV filter can be fitted to kill any bacteria which may be present in mains water.

The free-standing EDV-TT is simple to install, it connects to the mains cold water supply and plugs into a standard 13 amp socket. The only other thing needed is connection to an external CO2 cylinder, which can be sited outside the unit within a cupboard or undercounter.

Ideal for front of house siting, the unit has a reinforced top for glass or bottle storage and easy access for changing filters. Once bottled, the fresh and sparkling water variants can be distinguished by the bottle cap colour.

Spare accessories include: six-bottle carriers, branded 750ml and 500ml glass bottles, shrink wrap seals, bottle tops, branded paper cups and dispenser, sanitising spray bottles and filters.