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Call Systems Technology’s Boomerang pagers with TouchClean® now available for foodservice

CST's Boomerang pagers now available with TouchClean for foodservice applications

Call Systems Technology’s (CST) Boomerang pagers are proving a popular way of managing queues at restaurants. When customers arrive, they are handed a pager so they can go to the bar or take a stroll nearby, secure in the knowledge they will be called back when their table is ready. Businesses that use Boomerang pagers report improved capacity management with quicker table turns, resulting in higher profit margins as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Now CST has released Boomerang™ CustomerCall™ pagers treated with TouchClean for restaurants and other foodservice applications. TouchClean is a long-life, light-activated coating applied over the entire pager surface. It destroys common germs as well as fungi, odours, smoke and other pollutants, keeping the pager fresh at all times.

Boomerang pagers give customers more information than a traditional guest pager, with vibration and flashing lights as standard and an optional rapid tone audible alert. Promotions such as special menu offers or menu changes can be highlighted via pre-recorded messages or by using the integral advertising sleeve.

The new Boomerang pagers have proved the most robust pagers available and are delivered pre-treated with TouchClean, which conforms to EN13697:2001 and lasts many years.

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