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Foodservice Equipment Marketing supplies Alto-Shaam warming drawers

Alto-Shaam's warming drawers from FEM

Holding hot items prior to serving is essential to speeding up service in many foodservice situations, from takeaways and small cafes to large restaurants. But the use of substandard warming apparatus can result in a degradation of the quality of the food and dissatisfied customers.

Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) now supplies Alto-Shaam warming drawers that are specifically designed to hold hot items, such as baked potatoes and bread rolls, while they are waiting to be served. The warmers use a special heating system known as Halo Heat which offers a controlled, uniform heat source that gently warms the whole drawer area for better appearance and taste, and longer holding life of the food.

An on/off adjustable thermostat operates between a range of 16 to 93°C, while a holding temperature gauge constantly monitors the inside temperature.  A thermostat indicator light and temperature dial assure users that the unit is on and working correctly.

FEM supplies the Alto Shaam warmers in one-, two- or three-drawer configurations, in both standard and narrow widths. In the largest size, measuring 618mm w x 625mm d x 663mm h, each drawer can hold 34 potatoes or 50 bread rolls.

For more information and details of local stockists call FEM on +44 (0) 1355 244111, email or visit