Advance Catering Equipment Launches Thermodyne Slow Cooker

The Thermodyne from Advance Catering Equipment Thermodyne is a low-temperature system for holding, slow cooking or reheating without overcooking or drying out. Used as a hot cupboard it maintains food quality better and for longer than traditional methods. As a slow cooker it produces superior results, even with cheaper cuts of meat, and minimises food shrinkage. It is also simple to use and enhances food safety.

The Thermodyne range was developed in the USA and, following extensive field trials, is now available in the UK through sole distributor Advance Catering Equipment.

Unlike conventional ovens and hot cupboards, where the heat is introduced to the cabinet cavity, usually by fan, with Thermodyne the heat is transferred by conduction from glycol liquid within the shelves of the oven. This ‘Fluid-Shelf’ technology distributes heat uniformly throughout the cabinet, so all the food is gently held at precise temperatures and maintained at the same high quality.

One of the most common food safety concerns is uneven temperature control. The Thermodyne system eliminates this. With Fluid Shelf, even continuous door openings do not cause temperature loss, as the technology continues to deliver accurate temperatures to the food, ensuring the highest level of food safety possible.

Thermodyne is probably the easiest-to-use hot cupboard/slow cooker ever. There are no confusing dials or controls – it’s either on or off. Little or no staff training is required.

And it’s efficient. In the USA Thermodyne has Energy Star approval.

Thermodyne is available in a choice of sizes, from compact counter-top units to high volume, dual cabinet models.

Advance Catering Equipment is part of the Advance Group. For more information on the Thermodyne range call 0800 597 7427 or visit

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Published on: October 16, 2009
Published by: Kyli
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