The Straw Museum, Colby

Straw museum Colby The Colby Straw Museum has reopened for the summer season. This extraordinary assemblage of straw craftwork from around the world is one of the glories of rural Norfolk.   And every time we visit, we are reminded of why we wanted to live and work in the countryside.

Founder/operator Ella Carstairs has created a labour of love over nearly fifty years – not just of her own work, but from around the world and from different eras.  Some of it goes back to Victorian times, and there are examples from all around the world, of straw-work, dollies, marquetry and even lace.

It’s about a half-mile off the A140 on the way to Cromer, turn right past Alby.


Straw Museum Colby, interior

Norfolk Straw Museum,
Conifer Cottage,
Buck Brigg, Hanworth
NR11 7HH. 

Tel  01263 761615.
Entrance free, Easter – October,
10am-4pm, Weds and Sats ONLY.

(Donations are accepted to support the upkeep of the museum, but there’s no request or pressure).

Find our updated post on the Straw Museum here.

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