Superspike from Rational for perfectly roasted chicken and duck

New ‘Superspike’ accessory for the Rational Selfcooking Center® offers perfect, fast and easy roast chicken and duck

Chickens on Rational's Superspike in the SelfCooking Center The perfectly cooked chicken or duck is a big seller in restaurants and takeaways. The crispy skin, succulent meat and tempting aroma are sure-fire menu winners. The trick is to have a sure-fire way to produce perfect roast poultry consistently, quickly and easily. Now Rational has achieved this with its Superspike accessory.

Intended for use specifically with Rational combis and the SelfCooking Center, the Superspike is a patented design that holds the birds vertically. This makes the breast meat especially succulent, while giving crisp, evenly browned skin.

Several versions of the Chicken Superspike are available, all gastronorm-compatible and capable of holding from four to twelve birds at a time. This means up to 120 birds can be roasted at once in the largest Rational SelfCooking Center, the 40-grid type 202 model. The smallest 6-grid Rationals can hold up to 24 birds.

The Duck Superspike holds up to eight birds, giving capacities of from eight to 64 birds, depending on the size of the Rational unit.

The Superspike is also superfast – it takes less then half an hour to roast a typical 1.1kg chicken, as opposed to the 50 minutes of a conventional cooker. And using the new ‘Finishing’ technology of the SelfCooking Center offers a further benefit – up to 120 perfect roast chickens in just 18 minutes!

To achieve this, the chickens are first partly roasted in the SelfCooking Center, then chilled and refrigerated. When required, they are popped back in the Rational, where Finishing takes just 18 minutes.

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