A cut above the rest

Moffat’s upmarket carvery units for upmarket carveries.
Carveries have moved upmarket in recent years. The best now offer beautifully cooked joints of meat and all the trimmings, freshly cooked seasonal vegetables, sauces and lovely puffy crisp Yorkshire puddings. And they are an ideal showcase for local produce.

But there is more to a high class carvery than good cooking with good ingredients. A high quality serving unit is essential if the integrity of the food is to be maintained. Moffat Catering Equipment has produced a new prestigious servery unit designed to meet the needs of the modern professional carvery service.

The smooth curves and granite surround of Moffat’s new carvery units integrate into the ambience of a restaurant, making use of the available space and avoiding unnecessary queues and bottlenecks while keeping the food at the optimum serving temperature. Moffat also supplies the carveries with a variety of finishes to suit the customer’s décor.

The units have three lift-off, heated stainless steel carving pads. Each pad has holding spikes and is individually controlled by an energy regulator. The carving pads incorporate a run-off channel which funnels the juices and scraps into a removable container.

For ease of serving, the plate-up point is positioned at the centre of the unit between the meats and the vegetables. The large bain marie can be used as dry heat or wet heat. The sealed well has perforated lift-out stainless steel base plates for use with various types of dishes allowing different combinations of vegetables and sauces.

Extra servings, sauces or plates can be stored in a large heated cupboard beneath the serving area. The cupboard has removable sliding doors, heavy-duty rod shelves and fan heating unit for easy cleaning and maintenance. There is also ambient storage space within the unit for general merchandise, together with a detachable holding facility for carving knives and sharpening steels.